5 Creative Android Apps Topped this month #6th App is Addictive

Android Top Apps of the Month (July 2014 Edition)

There are thousands of apps to choose from on the Android market. Find below some of the most useful apps outlined for this month’s top Android apps. We didn’t rank the following apps. We are just listing the Apps. Please click read more to know more about this android apps.

Best Android App for Time Tracking - Toggl

toggl android apps of the month

Toggl Time Tracker

Toggl is a free Android app that tracks time logs. It’s very simple and easy to use and is cross-compatible with all devices. The app features separating logs with projects and teams. Toggl gives you a multitude of different types of reports showing you where your time was least and most spent. In the pro version, you can, suppose you own a business, use the app for billing. There are numerous features for free users, so it’s definitely worth giving Toggl a try. The Android App is here

Top Productivity Android App – Office Suite 7 ($14.99)

Android Apps of the month - Office Suite

Android App – Office Suite

This app is for the truly productive and king of the office apps in Android. Office Suite 7 particularly works well on a tablet because of the larger screen real estate. Coupled with a keyboard, and it’s a perfect setup for working on word documents and spread sheets. It still provides great portability on phones, nevertheless. The app also supports presentation editing as well as PDF reading and converting. Can’t spare the $14.99? There is a free version here at Google play store

Creative Picture Editing Android App-PicsArt (Free)

PicsArt Anroid apps of the month


If you’re into photography and picture editing, this Android app is a gem. PicsArt gives you photoshop-like editing capabilities on your Android device. You can draw, add filters, adjust colors and hues, add frames, and so forth. If that’s still not enough for you, there is a store to buy additional tools to help build your masterpiece, or to simply get rid of the adds ($5.99). pictureappandroidCreate beautiful collages that bring all your memories into a single photo. Share your creations and art with those in the community using your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or PicsArt accounts. Get this beautiful Android App at Google playstore

Unique Android App for Vehicle Health CheckUp- Torque Pro ($4.95)

Android Apps of the month AndroidTorque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
Torque Pro

Have you ever wondered what the heck that Check Engine light means? Or worse, having to pay a mechanic to diagnose what it means and then charge you almost $100? Torque Pro gives you heaps of information about your car including, RPM, speed, throttle, OBD II, CO2 emissions readouts, 0-60 speed timings, and so much more. If you use the scanning option to find out what the Check Engine light, it will give you the code on your particular vehicle model. If you don’t know what the code is, the app gives you the option to search the code via web without having to type a thing. Get the App at Google Play Store

Best Android Smartphone Backup App – Titanium Backup Pro ($5.99)

Titanium BackPro Android Apps of the month

Titanium BackPro

If you’re into rooting your Android phone, it is vital that you have a good backup for your device in case something goes wrong. Tweaking too many things on your phone could make your phone unstable and in the worst cases, unusable. There’s no better rooting insurance than Titanium Backup Pro. The app empowers users to freeze or delete bloatware apps from service providers, create a “snapshot” of your current phone where a restore would bring everything back to the state your phone is during backup, and upload your backups on Dropbox or other cloud services. It is highly advised to consider purchasing this app if you’re into rooting, even besides the fact the additional tools it gives you to tweak your device.  Get the App at Google Play Store

Cartoon Battlefield Gaming Android App – Clash of Clans (Free)

Best App of the month-Clash of the Clans

Best App of the month-Clash of the Clans

The game features a cartoon-like battle field with the goal to destroy your enemy’s base and gain loot. The artwork and music pleasantly bring you into a virtual world of medieval times with you at the head of command. A welcoming introduction helps you quickly learn how the game operates and how to progress. There are three different ways to play Clash of Clans: one defeat the Goblins, two multiplayer battle against millions of other players around the world, and three War. To read more on this game, check out our review Clash of Clans free App

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