These 6 upcoming Android updates from Google will blow your mind. Especially #3 is Stunning

There has been a lot of hype about Google’s next Android OS version, currently dubbed as “Android L”. No doubt about the excitement as there is a multitude of changes coming. Below is a list of the updates to look for when you get the update:

1#Battery Life Update from Android – Project Volta

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Say hello to an expected additional 90 minutes of extra battery life due to improved software code and more battery/power management tools. The new Battery Historian feature allows developers to picture exactly what is using your phone’s battery, how much it’s using, and at a specific time.

2#Battery Saver Updates

Other phone manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC have included battery-saving options to improve battery life, but Google is now building it into Android itself. Battery Saver, as it will be called, will slow the processor’s speed, reduce animations, dim the screen, and lower radio usage below a certain threshold customizable by the user. The battery-saving changes will give the phone a significant change in speed, but the idea is to prolong the battery to a more efficient usable state, rather than ending up carrying a paper weight until the next charge.

3#ART Runtime Updates

Android News - ART Runtime ART is intended to compile the app software code in an optimized state “ahead-of-time” to reduce processing time. This will aid the Dalvik runtime, which compiles app software on-the-fly. ART will be faster, more efficient, and battery-smarter than Dalvik. Recently, ArsTechnica conducted a test on the new and improved battery-saving features of Android L updates. See the results here

4#Notifications and Lock Screen Android updates

Android News - Notifications and Lock Screen

Google knows that certain things are important to you and they put Android to work to help you sort through all of the unwanted noise in your cyber world. Android L updates learns from your usage and will help prioritize your more common notifications. The notification panel is merging with the lock screen so you’ll see what’s going on when you pick up the phone. Also, never worry about being abruptly interrupted on Android L as the new “Heads-up” notifications will appear on the top of the screen giving you the option to pause your work (or play) and take that important call or decline for another time without taking over your phone.


 5#Best Notification update – Android Wear

basic_combo Send notifications to your Android Wear. Send input from your watch without having to turn on your phone. Android L empowers you to set canned phrases to execute commands and tasks.

6#Android TV- Outstanding Update ever

Android News- Apps Games updates

Android TV gives users the ability to run apps optimized for large screens, such as high definitions TVs, or monitors. This ability takes phones and tablets to an elevated level in multimedia and entertainment, almost replacing vintage hardware. With YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and other video streaming apps, there declines a need for DVD/Blue-ray players. Android TV is also looking to take up mobile gamers too, bringing games to the big screen, and even a game pad too! There is much to look forward with the recent updates Google is bringing to Android OS. Android may have just been able to run a few apps and answer some calls and texts, but now it challenges numerous multimedia regions. Users will now have access to all their favorite music, movies, apps, games, the Internet, fitness programs,and more all in a single device.

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