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It has been about nine months since the launch of Clash of Clans (available for free here: Get the Android App of the Month on Android and the popularity continues to soar. The game features a cartoon-like battle field with the goal to destroy your enemy’s base and gain loot.

Clash of Clans App of the month

Clash of Clans

The artwork and music pleasantly bring you into a virtual world of medieval times with you at the head of command. A welcoming introduction helps you quickly learn how the game operates and how to progress. There are three different ways to play Clash of Clans: one defeat the Goblins, two multiplayer battle against millions of other players around the world, and three War.

 Three levels to win in this App

There are three levels to win: one star when you destroy 50% of your enemy’s base, an additional star if you destroy the enemy’s Town Hall regardless of how much you’ve destroyed their base, and a total of three stars if you destroy 100% of your enemy’s base. When you obtain stars, you gain trophies. Trophies represent your level of skill in the field of battle. Additionally, you steal loot from your enemy as you destroy their resource reservoirs.

clan castle Android App of the Month2

clan castle

Tips for Playing this App Game:

To prepare for battle, you must create your own base and train troops. As you level up your Town Hall, you gain additional capacity for troops and advanced attack methods like spells. Be sure to invest in your troops, too, and level them up for added attack power and hit points.

Don’t forget to arrange a good defense as there are multiple players in the world eager to steal your loot! Build cannons, archer towers, wizard towers, mortars, tesla coils, and set traps to protect your resources. As you become stronger, and after you repair the broken Clan Castle, join a clan to engage in clan wars and share troops.

Share strategies with other players online through the global chat or clan chat. You might even find that epic clan you’ve been searching to join as there are hundreds of recruiters looking for skilled clashers.

Clash of clan community Android App of the Month3

Clash of clan community

Have any Suggestion for this Android App??

Supercell, the game developer of Clash of Clans, keeps an open mind and ear for suggestions of what their players want. Some of the suggestions have even been adopted in the game. You can find what’s cooking in the future for the game at here. There is a very active community for this game and one is sure to find numerous friends online to play with. The game is free to play and has no advertisements; however, if you desire to progress faster in the game, you can buy gems.

Why Clash of clans is best android App of the month?

1. No. of App Downloads/Installs- Morethan 50,000,000

2.No. of Five Star Rating - Over 1.5 Million ★★★★★ Reviews

3. We analyse using other various factors like Review comments, User experience, flexibility, Updates, Tech Support of the App etc.


Clash of Clans has earned its position as the top App of the Month because the developers put a lot of effort into a superior game-play experience with numerous features that provide hours of entertainment, all for free. They continue to update the game with newer features, so there is always something fresh with every update. Lastly, Clash of Clans brings the feel of real-time strategy game into the palms of your hands.

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