Android One Promising Cheap Smartphones

Android is already holding a very large chunk of the market and with the release of the Android One its competitors may very well be having sleepless nights. Android One will launch in India in mid-September and rumor has it that it will release smartphones that are unbelievably cheap. With Apple and Samsung already having trouble keeping up with plunging smartphone prices Android One may very well be the last straw.

The plan is to design low cost but good quality smartphones that use the Android One platform. Google is yet to unveil the actual handsets and designs and end users are on lying in wait for the launch.  In line with the upcoming launch Google has already sent out press invites and the excitement about this upcoming event is palpable.

Google Partners With Media Tek

Google’s goal of flooding the market with budget phones using the Android One platform is one step closer to fruition with its partnership with Media Tek. Significantly cheaper than other chipsets in the market, Media Tek is the most popular choice of smartphone manufacturers.  As part of the partnership deal Media Tek will have access to all the latest Android software and firmware. Google’s vision to provide low cost phones for the C and D market is expected to be realized with this new partnership.

The Chosen OEMs

Micromax, Karbonn and Spice have been announced as the official manufacturers for the Android One project. These Indian owned companies have been designated to mass produce low cost smartphones powered by Android One. The low priced handsets packed with the power of Android is expected to boost Android’s market share sky high.  In developing countries like India, owning a smartphone is a luxury, but that is about to change. When these three manufacturers start producing the Android One powered smartphones  a huge change in the market will be inevitable. What used to be a luxury will soon be affordable to even the minimum wage earners. Google is yet to choose more manufacturers to be involved in the production of Android One powered smartphones.

What’s in it for Google?

Surely Google is set to gain something from this project or they would not have funded such an ambitious venture. It’s really simple, more smartphones users means more people having access to the internet and more people will be able to access Google’s suite of products. On default, Android One will be feeding Google products and using Google search for anything that the end user tries to find in the internet. This effectively boosts Google’s appeal to advertisers as well as increases the potential sales in all of Google based products.


Ultimately the Android One is a genius of a project, a win win situation for all the players. Manufacturers get more business and Google will make a possible market domination with the low cost smartphones. Its a simple decision for consumers to make, get a popular $700 iPhone or a $100 smartphone that technically does pretty much the same thing.


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