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HTC Phones

HTC PhonesThis company has moved onto the Cell Phone seen like no other manufacturer. HTC is known for incorporating Touch Screen Technology on Mobiles. They are also known for bringing Android to the World with T-Mobile and GPhone. Called G1 at launch. The HTC G1 was also the first device offered to developers.

Since the G1 HTC has moved at a incredible pace introducing the best phones to us. In a world of followers the company is one of the leaders. The phone have won the hearts of users and gained the respect of the old guard manufacturers that where stail and failing.

HTC is sure to maintain its reputation of building the Best Android Phones. With functions user interfaces and user friendliness those who are in the know can see the next generation of Smart Phones coming from HTC.

HTC Phones are truly like having a pocket PC. Leave the laptop or notebook at home and check out these HTC Phones

HTC Aria Android Phone

HTC Desire Android Phone

HTC Desire HD Android Phone

HTC EVO 4G Android Phone

HTC Google Nexus One Android Phone

HTC Droid Incredible Android Phone

HTC Hero Android Phone

HTC Merge Android Phone

HTC MyTouch 3G Slide

HTC Thunderbolt Android Phone