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Developer News - Fragments for all

Developer News – Fragments For All

[This post is by Xavier Ducrohet, Android SDK Tech Lead. — Tim Bray] A few Developerseks ago, Dianne Hackborn wrote about the new Fragments API(Developer News) , a mechanism that makes it easier for applications to scale across… Read More

android 2.3 platform

Android 2.3 Platform and Updated Android SDK Tools

Today Developers’re announcing a new version of the Android platform — Android 2.3 platform (Gingerbread). It includes many new platform technologies and APIs to help developers create great apps. Some of the highlights include: Android… Read More

LG Vortex Android Phone

Verizon Wireless Launches LG Vortex Android Phone

Verizon Wireless has released the LG Vortex Android Phone. The device is now available in Stores and online Nov. 18, 2010. The LG Vortex empowers first-time smartphone users to join and explore the growing Android… Read More