GameStop Store Buying and Selling Phones Whats Next

Funny people would step back when they hear about GameStop store and Android phones. I can see this. My local GameStop has been buying iPads since it launched.

Gamestop Store is Trading with Samsung

Gadget Experts who broke the story certainly did and here’s what they said.We have confirmed that GameStop Store will now take Samsung Galaxy devices and Nexus devices for trade in. This means that iOS devices won’t be the only thing you can trade in at GameStop.

GameStop Store and Apple products

This also means that along with pre-owned iPods, iPhones, and iPads, you can now purchase pre-owned Android devices. GameStop is expanding their reaches from only Games and consoles to the portable consumer electronics zone as well.

The picture we have confirms that Galaxy Tab 10.1s and Nexus S are up for trade in, we also know that GameStop Store is going to start accepting more and more devices for trade in as well.

No current stores accept these devices but it looks like GameStop Store  is working to get these programs working in select store by summer and everywhere before holiday season 2012.

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