Garminfone With Google Mobile Android OS On ATT and TMobile

The New Garminfone

There ‘new competitor in the Android Phone arena.  T-Mobile launched its first Google Android powered Garminfone formally known as the Nuvifone.  To get this release off  with a bang?   T-Mobile USA has revealed to be the exclusive carrier of the smartphone devices from Garmin.

T-Mobile and ATT  cover as the exclusive carrier in the family Garminfone Android. T-Mobile and ATT looked at the pros – and – cons then decided to go with Garminfone in product catalogs for 2010 and beyond.

The inaugural Garminfone is one inch 3.5 touch screen device with cell phone camera with auto focus, and of course geo-tagging, which works great on 3G networks and Wi-Fi.

The Garmin Phone is now available and doing fairly good in sales. The company seems to sticking it’s toe in the waters of Android but not committed to it. Garmin is still primarily a GPS for Camping, Hiking, Hunting,Driving company. They simply need to stay in the loop of technology to move forward.

The device is certainly worth a look for outdoors people and those looking for a Phone/Pocket PC/ Handheld GPS. All the newest Android Smart Phones have these capabilities but, the Garmin phone offers affordability and decades of mapping experience which is lacking some say about Google Maps in rural areas.


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    You can use one pc as a front-end and a back-end like you say, but normally you only do this for tenstig. It is no different than it would be for 2 pcs. Just install whatever version suits your needs. +5Was this answer helpful?

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