Android Shopping Portals - Android Phone Guide

Over the years we have built relationships with numerous shopping and e commerce websites. We have done everything from buying to selling on some of them like eBay and Amazon. So you can trust that we will only recommend a shopping site we are confident in telling our users about.

We have put together some guides for some of our partners and there highlights. When we look for a website to possibly send users to we look for a few key things.


Not many places have the gear the Android Community is seeking. Many key wholesalers can’t get Android OEM or after market products or phones.

Age and Authority:

What sites are recognizable and trusted among the Internet Communities. Word of mouth is so important around the web now.The older a website the more reviews and issues that are in the wild. Aged websites have built authority over the years as well.

As of now you could see one of , or both of our favorites. eBay and Amazon. Below you will find some informative articles about them both. You may also see some advertising on the site from Google and other partners we work with.

Why Use eBay For Your Android Phone Shopping

The shear amount of inventory is the number one advantage of using eBay to buy Android Phones and Accessories. They move millions of items every week.

The New Amazon Wireless Shopping Site Is The Best

The New Amazon Wireless Website is a great place to buy Android Phones. Amazon has turned shopping for phones online upside down. Access every carrier, phone and plan all unique for the users. Check out this article and learn more

In the end we believe shopping at the source is the best. Verizon Wireless is by far the best Android Shopping portal we have found.