Droid Phone Buyers Guide - Android Phone Guide

There are several Verizon Droids for sale this year. Each of these handsets has something to recommend it over the others despite similarities. The ultimate decision as to which should be chosen will come down to the needs of the buyer and their overall sense of style and user function. The four Droid Types are: the Droid 2, the Droid X, the Droid Incredible, and the Droid Pro.

Google Android and the manufacturers has offered the Droid Series Of Phone Exclusively to Verizon Wireless. This is for many reasons, but the most important is that they have built their wireless network for Smart Phones, Tablet PCs and Netbooks. The Verizon 3G and LTE Networks transfer and handle data transfers better than any other US Wireless Carrier. Perfect for Google Android Phones.

Motorola Droid 2

Motorola Droid 2 Android Phone

This handset is one of modern excellence in regards to design. It is a step beyond to original Droid and provides several user friendly features that recommend it heavily for individual’s who found the original Droid to be slightly bulky or unwieldy. This fact makes the Droid too as a perfect ‘gift for her’. The 3.7 inch display screen might seem small compared to some devices on the market currently. However, it should be noted that this Android device fits a smaller more delicate hand easier than the larger object on the market.

One of the best aspects about the Droid 2 is that the device is generally the same design as the original droid in regards to encasement. This means that all of the accessories and apps from the original Droid can transfer over to the Droid 2 immediately. In short, it’s the perfect upgrade gift for Droid handset enthusiasts.

Motorola Droid X

Motorola Droid X Android PhoneIn this Droid smartphone iteration we find the perfect ‘gift for him’. This testosterone addled superphone is one of the largest handsets on the market. In point of fact it is so large that some would rather claim it to be a mini-tablet computer. These individuals would be wrong of course.The Droid X is the powerful workhorse of the Droid line. It’s 4.3 inch display screen combined with its high-end processor causes this handset to be one of the most potent technological wonders on the market. The fact that it works with Verizon Wireless network marks it as a product which can be used almost anywhere.

This smartphone is designed for power. In many ways the technological hardware of this device makes similar attempted entries from other companies look like mere paper weights. While there may be a few negative software aspects most of these are fixed with a simple upgrade of the operating system from the Android 2.1 to the 2.2 version. This is no different than with any other android powered phone.

HTC Droid Incredible

HTC Droid Incredible Android PhoneA smartphone that lives up to its name is a rarity. With a name like Incredible, this should be doubly hard. Fortunately, this handset actually does live up to its namesake. With its 8 megapixel camera, 1 Ghz processor, and solid underlying architecture this smartphone manages to do something that some Droid iterations do not. It provides a high-speed and smooth performance without the hiccups. This is the perfect device for those who use the Verizon Wireless network. The combination of America’s fastest 3G phone service and the UI of this handset is closely related to the Google Android baseline. This allow for blazing access speeds from almost anywhere in the country without the murky software glitches some of the custom interface architecture types might cause.

This smartphone is also an excellent concept handset for those who desire to buy games from the Android Market. Android games can be hit or miss with some people. However, with the Incredible the end result of the experience is based on the game app and not the device itself.

This handset is perfect for anyone who utilizes their smartphone for day to day internet access such as managing social accounts or downloading music. It can also double as a business phone due to these speeds and the 8GB internal storage. Overall, this device is a true opposition product to other well known, non-Droid, offerings on the market. Given this fact people can leave the ‘rotten fruit’ companies behind and work with a real smartphone.

Motorola Droid Pro

Droid Pro PhoneThis Droid version is one designed around the business oriented individual People who have desired a true enterprise level smartphone from an Android phone now have the option for such a purhcase. The QWERTY keyboard and capacitive touch-screen of this device combines to created a user-friendly interface capable of handling the most daunting of business and marketing related tasks and Droid apps.

A few of the more desired features of this device is the dual-band global capacity of the device for networking purposes. This means that people can utilize this smartphone on either a CDMA or a GSM based network. The fact that it comes packed with the Google Android 2.2 update and the ability to act as a wi-fi hot spot for up to five other devices at once cannot be underestimated either. If an individual is tired of fruit and berry phones this device is the best business oriented item on the market.