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Garmin Asus

Garmin AsusGarmin is the leader in the World for GPS Navigation. They pioneered the optimization of government owned satellite systems to track movements down to yards. Once the United states Government opened the full potental of these systems companies like Garmin grew navigation and innovation.
Garmin has entered the Android Market with The NuviFones and The Garminfone. Though the company has a limited group of devices they are highly specialized for those who use GPS in many situations, including hiking, treking, and driving.
Garmin Android Phones are unique in that users can upload specific Garmin Maps. These maps downloads are designed for different uses such as Hiking, Biking/Cycling and with different layers like terrains and grades. When combined with Google Android OS, Google Maps and Google Navigation Applications the Garmin Android Phones keep users abreast of their environment at all times.

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