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Motorola Android PhonesMotorola has taken a huge leap forward by being one of the first to the Android Phone arena with The Droid Phones. Since the introduction of the Original Droid A855 Smart Phone in November of 2009 the Android Phone and device count has grown to over 100.

The Motorola Droid Line pushed Android to the forefront of the mobile phone market and may have saved the company at the same time. The last winner Moto had was the Razar, which was at the leading edge of technology at the time.

Motorola is not only the company that first introduced the mobile phone to the world, they provided communications by way of radio for nearly a century. The company was part of the technology boom after World War 2 which lead to radio technology being used by fire departments, police, local and federal governments, service companies and more around the globe.

Motorola is and was at the point of Citizens Band Radio revolution during the 1960′s through present day. The peak of the CB Radio age was a prelude to ordinary consumers using portable communications technoloy in everyday life.

With all this history and exploration of the oldest and newest technology Motorola was certainly poised for another extraordinary advancement that changes the world. Hence The Droid Phones.

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