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Samsung 4G Android Phones

Samsung Android PhonesWhat can we say about Samsung? This company is simply put a leader. Samsung not only builds the some best TV’s and home technology they also build very powerful Cell Phones.
Samsung is involved in every corner of technology. They literally have 1000′s of product and have companies that build just about any kind of technology you can think of.
Samsung wasn’t the first or even second to develop in the Android Environment, but now that they do, look out. The company is a patent holder on television screen technology and it shows on the Galaxy S Mobiles. The Galaxy S is a series of phone with slightly different technology and looks. These phones are built for each individual wireless Carrier.

The first Galaxy S launched in America was the Captive on AT&T and next was the  Epic 4G on Sprint, The Samsung Vibrant for TMobile, Samsung Fascinate on Verizon Wireless. The Galaxy S World Phone works on multiple networks across Europe like on wireless network.


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