iCloud Leak : Make Sure You Do Not Become a Victim

Android OS has the take on about 90% of the mobile OS in today’s market, but along with its popularity it also became the target of hackers and other mobile threats. Android users are now thinking… if this can happen to iCloud it can probably happen to my cloud, it is a possibility that no one can ignore. Even with the constant evolution of Android security and despite all the efforts to keep it secured, no one can really be 100% sure. Maybe they were just celebrities, that’s why they were targeted and maybe it won’t happen to regular people like us. The truth is, there is no celebrity or VIP status when it comes to Android security, we are all the same.

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Everyone uses the same apps, utilize the same tools and pass through the same security process. This simply means if they were vulnerable then we all are. A testament to the adage that we are all created equal, well maybe just electronically.

Given that horrendous hacking incident and the ripples of its aftermath, we are all thinking. “What can I do to make sure that this not happen to me?” The operative word in this case is You. You need to be pro-active, you need to make sure, you need to take steps and you need to implement better security measures on your gadget. Take the time to make sure everything checks out and you have done all you can to keep those threats out.

What can you really do to keep the threats out? It’s not rocket science, you simply need to be aware of the risks and take the necessary steps to prevent them from taking over your gadget. Below is a list of things that you can do to help in the protection of your identity and information.

 Utilize PIN or Passcodes

Surprisingly, despite the immense importance of using this simple tool some people don’t. If you have sensitive information on your gadget this protects you in the simplest yet effective way.

Secure Cloud Apps More Diligently

On default these apps are active, this may have been the reason for the recent alleged iCloud leak. The celebrities whose nude photos were leaked online probably did not know that their files were being saved on iCloud. Make sure your Android phones and tablets are not saving photos without your knowledge. Use the highest security measures available to make sure no one gains access to your photos and files.

Pay Online With Utmost Care

In this age, paying online and transferring funds using Android gadgets are the norm. There’s nothing wrong with that, but make sure you download the necessary apps from Google Play Store. We don’t have to remind you to never download from unofficial stores and never install anything on your gadget from a link that was sent to you by a friend or a third party entity.

Ultimately, your security is your responsibility. Just as the iCloud incident’s victims cannot solely blame Apple, you cannot simply pass the blame on the manufacturer. Even if they will be held legally liable you cannot take back your dignity or your money once the damage has been done, there is no rewind button on life. Be diligent and be mindful of how far you rely on technology.

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