Possible Nexus 3 Ice Cream Android Phone Leaked Or Big Fat Fake

During Google I/O 2011 it was confirmed that Android 2 and 3 aka Gingerbread and Honeycomb would converge by the end of the year. The Blog Tech Hog has released what appears to be a test phone of the Nexus 3 Ice Cream . After checking back with the site it would appear that something has went a rye. The site has said they where asked to remove the photo.

Is Nexus 3 Ice Cream is a Fake?

Is this a Big Fat fake that is being used for self promotion or did the website put their source in a precarious position. In other word was someones job on the line.

No matter what the situation is with Tech Hog we already know that the Nexus 3 Ice cream is due for the Holiday 2011 shopping season. Google told us a i/o

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  • Reply September 6, 2014


    I suggested a few icons to be added as well. Since he has been maknig this set, a lot of new apps have come out that have become very popular. For now, I just use something similar for the icon. For example, I use the Quiznos icon for Quora since it’s just a big letter Q. And it’s always a happy day when icons get pushed to the app! I bought 4 more sets! Unfortunately the nav bar thing on my Nexus 7 JB3 of AOKP is crashing when I try to change the icons, so I can’t put The Matted Blues in my nav bad yet, QQ!

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