Samsung Infuse 4G Smartphone Release Date And Specs

It’s official, May 15, 2011 the 4G Samsung Infuse will launch on AT&T. The Samsung Infuse 4G will be the thinnest 4G smartphone available in the U.S. and will feature the largest screen — at 4.5 inches — in AT&T’s smartphone lineup, and the largest touch screen on any Samsung phone.

Specification of Samsung Infuse 4G

Powered by a 1.2 GHz application processor and running the Android 2.2 platform, the device delivers a brilliant display using Samsung’s next-generation Super AMOLED™ Plus technology which features 50 percent more sub-pixels for better contrast.

The display also offers unmatched outdoor viewing quality, even in the brightest sunlight.

Samsung Infuse 4G Android Phone

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