Samsung Profits in Trillions Pushes Its Way To The Top With Record Profits

It is not much of a surprise that Samsung has trampled Nokia in Smartphones manufacturing. Samsung reports $4.4B record quarterly profit, up a staggering 82%.

Samsung Galaxy S Android Evolution

The Galaxy S Android Phone has been part of Samsung’s evolution in the Smartphing space. Rumors of the Galaxy S III and the eventual official announcement of that phone will propel Samsung further in the news.
Samsung Phone seem to be ready for the Summer sales season. Summer in North America means people are on the move traveling. Americans buy electronics for those summer vacations. Those who stay home in the air conditioning buy TV’s. Summer is also launch season for electronics companies. Market testing is a big deal leading into Christmas.

Samsung Quarter Profit in Trillions

For the quarter, the company’s consolidated operating profit reached an all-time high of 5.85 trillion profits won representing a 98-percent increase year-on-year. Consolidated net profit for the January-March period was 5.05 trillion won.

Samsung Semicondutor Sales Profit Margins

Despite a decrease in sales of semiconductor chips and TVs due to seasonal factors, an increase in profitability in display panels and mobile phones pushed up quarterly operating profit margins by 1.7 percentage points to 12.9 percent.

Samsung Profits alone 5.8Trillion

In its earnings guidance disclosed on April 6, Samsung estimated first-quarter consolidated revenues would reach approximately 45 trillion won with consolidated operating profit of approximately 5.8 trillion won.

Profitable Department of Samsung

Samsung’s strong performance in the quarter was driven mainly by the IT & Mobile Communications (IM) segment, which is comprised of four businesses, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, IT Solutions and Digital Imaging. In particular, solid growth in the Mobile Communications business, with brisk sales of flagship GALAXY Note and GALAXY S II devices contributed to the company’s profitability.
The consolidated operating profit for IT & Mobile Communications businesses reached 4.27 trillion won on revenue of 23.22 trillion won. The Display Panel business rebounded in the first quarter with operating gains of 280 billion won, following an uptick in demand for high-margin panels used in tablets, 3D/ LED TVs and premium OLED panels.

Source: Samsung Profits By NewsWire

VIA: Venturebeat

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