Are You Feeling Lucky? Should Google be Nervous with Apple’s new iPhone just Around the Corner?

Yes Google should Be Nervous with Apple’s new iPhone

The stage is set for a showdown between the mobile markets top combatants Apple’s new iphone. With the release of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 6 only a month away, should Google be sweating? Most experts are deadlocked; some barely aware of Apple’s new iphone release,while others are experiencing full-fledged fear.

Android is Free and its for those who want live free world.!!

This issue has been the subject of endless debate since the inception of both platforms, the fact still remains that it ultimately comes down to the user. If you want to live in a completely customizable and “free” world, your obvious choice is Android. Android consistently has software patches, apps, and developments available for purchase or download, point being; there’s no shortage of content on Android.

Apple’s iPhone for Structured and Premium People

Apple's new iphone

Where as, if you want a more “structured” experience, an iPhone might be your best option. To reiterate, Apple, though in existence longer that Android, has less content available, is structured to the point of inflexibility (a common complaint), and abhors “open source.” They want you to buy/acquire all of your aps through the iTunes store and nowhere else.

IT World’s Jim Lynch puts it very well, “I’m glad that users have a choice between the two platforms; I can think of nothing worse than if one mobile platform or the other took over the market entirely and crowded out any other options.”

While there are big rumblings in the tech-sphere about Apple’s new iPhone 6, will it change the current outlook of the smartphone market? Apple is currently second in the platform market, and the leader in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) market. Basically there is no accurate foretelling tool concerning smartphone/platform/app consumption. Most experts go on speculation, market trends, and personal preference, none being “accurate.” It could go either way.

Google’s Two Hopes

There are two things that Google hopes will give them the competitive edge.

Android Wear

android wear

Firstly, there’s Android Wear; if they can legitimize it with more content and user-demanded features, it could be the “next big thing.” But until there are actual practical applications, besides the very obvious fitness world, Google will find their prospective consumers shrugging their shoulders and saying “What? Why? I’ll just look at my phone.”

Android L

Android L

The second part of the Google plan is the release of Android L, their new mobile OS. While it is still in the development phase and the beta has only been released for select devices, Android L is powerful. Boasting a slew of new tools, upgrades, and features, it might just be the thing that Google needs to continue their reign. Learn more about Android L.

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