Smartphone Wars : iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5

With the iPhone6′s release just around the corner Samsung is going all out on its advertising and marketing efforts to get a lead over Apple’s new smartphone. Galaxy S5 is older by a few months but they do not want to rest on their laurels and want to make sure that they will be the winner in the biggest smartphone war of 2014. How exactly will iPhone 6 fare against the Galaxy S5? With the newer version of the Android OS being upgraded to the Android 4.4.4 Kitkat which is a bombshell in a nutshell, Apple may have something to worry about. If iOS 8 is anything like iOS 7 iPhone6 will have to bow down to Galaxy S5.

Operating System

The  software upgrade for Galaxy 5s promises to fix all previous bugs, reviews claim that the upgraded version runs ultra-smooth, fast and with improvements on the interface that makes it look sleek and elegant. Google did not follow Nestle Kitkat’s tag line “Take a Break” because with how good the 4.4.4 Kitkat has turned out it looks like they did not stop until they got it right. Boot up speed of 20 seconds while iPhone 5s which runs the latest iOS version clocks in at 24 secs, iOS 8 may be able to get the same boot up speed but this is yet to be proven upon its release.



The iPhone 6′s display is probably one of its best feature, with a 1704 x 960 pixel display that creates a pixel density of 416ppi (pixels per inch). Samsung’s AMOLED technology is not too far behind, if it had its previous 1080 x 1920 pixels, (~432 ppi pixel density) it would have beaten the competitor hands down.

Battery Life

On the final lap this is where Galaxy S5 may get the gold. Battey life is most likely to be iPhone 6′s waterloo, even in older versions this has been an issue. iPhone 6′s 1800 mah is a far cry from the s5′s 2800 mAh, this spells the difference between the two smartphones. In fact, Samsung’s latest advertising focuses in this unfortunate weakness, “wall huggers”, a funny way to put the weakness into light. The advert shows Galaxy users roaming around with their smartphone having the time of their life while the iPhone users are all plugged in and “hugging” the wall.

Ultimately, consumers are seriously awaiting the release of iPhone 6 because everyone wants to know how good this new version will be. Looking at the facts it looks like iPhone 6 will be a close second to the Galaxy S5 in the most heated smartphone war of 2014.





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