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Which is the Top Android Phones?

Is a hard question to answer when considering a new phone.

In an attempt to answer the Top Android Phones we need to remember the choice is more about you. What you do during your day to how many bells and whistle you want need to be considered.

With every user having there own personality picking a phone for you is impossible. So what we have done is put together a quick countdown of the top Android Phones as we see them now. We will continue to revise our picks over weeks and months to come in 2012.

No.5 Android Phone-T-Mobile My Touch 4G Slide

 We will start our countdown with the Android phone that comes in 5th place, the T-Mobile My Touch 4G Slide. One of the most talked about features is the amazingly clear camera.

It is said to have one of the best ever tested cameras. It also has a variety of shooting modes and editing options. Another great feature is the very up to date software. As you can see there is more to this phone then just the dual touch screen and keyboard.

So from now on don’t judge a book by its cover unless you have given it a test drive!

No.4 Android Phone -HTC Rezound

On our countdown is the HTC Rezound. This phone is one of the high performance of top android phones. One of the perks of this Android phone is the very fast dual processor.

Another great feature that most purchasers will agree on is the 720p display. It is also one of the few Top android phones with a Beats audio built in. This is a great feature for those who also use their phone as an mp3 player.

This amazing Android also has a large high definition screen for easy viewing. So next time you’re looking to purchase a new phone, make sure you take a second look at the HTC Rezound!

No.3 Android Phone-HTC Evo 3D

The HTC Evo 3D takes the place of number three on our countdown. One of the most significant features of this Android is of course the 3D phone display.

This phone is considered to be the ultimate entertainment phone. This phone also has amazingly fast dual processor speeds to keep you going. Another great feature is the 3D camera that you can use anywhere.

There are not too many phones on the market that can take 3D pictures and have the ability to upload them almost anywhere. If you are looking for a 3D phone this phone might be the one for you!

No.2 Android Phone-Samsung Epic Touch 4G 

Coming in second runner up place is the Samsung Epic Touch 4G Android Phone. This phone is very slim and fast! The screen is crystal clear due to the super AMOLED Plus display.

Another great feature is the Touch Wiz 4.0 software used to make this phone its ultimate best. One of the most talked about features is the 8 megapixel camera. This camera is said to be one the best features about this Android! There are many great things to say about this phone but maybe you should just check it out next time you are about to purchase a new Android!

No.1 Android Phone-Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The number one Android phone for 2012 is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus! There are of course many great features about this phone. One is the latest Ice Cream Sandwich software. One neat feature is secure facial recognition. This is where you take a picture on the phone of yourself and instead of pressing an unlock button, you take another picture.

The software on this phone then uses facial recognition to compare facial features and if they match up, it unlocks. Another feature liked by many is the slim curved design. As you can see there are many liked features for the best Android phone for 2012.

Now that we have discussed the 5 top Android phones for 2012, you have a lot to decide when purchasing a new android phone. There are many great features for each of these phones that no other can compare to.

Please look at our Top Android Phones Rating for the above 5Phones.

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