Top & Best Trending Android Apps of the July 3rd Week

1. Need App for types notes?Then try Notepad+

Price of the App – $3.99

Notepad The text editor for Android,This handy and trending Android app makes it easy to write notes, drawings, sketch ideas, or keep a travel journal. Select different colors for writing or highlighting as well as pen thickness for precision. Type notes if you need to quickly jot something down in a classroom lecture. Choose from a variety of background paper templates to give a more authentic look to your notes, or add style to your drawings.

Worried about snoops trying to see what you’re doing? Lock your notes with a passcode to prevent unwanted access. Have too many notes to handle? Simply sort your notes by name or by the date the note was created.

Notepad+ is a versatile tool cross-compatible with your Android devices.

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2. Trending Android Gaming App->Wayward Souls

Price of the App – $4.99

Android Trending Wayward Souls

This game packs tons of action with a retro feel which makes this app to trend. The game levels are randomized, so your play experience is different every time. Choose from six different characters to control all with unique skills, battle styles, talents, and equipment.

Your task is to explore and fight for survival. To survive, you must be witty and tactful with perfect timing and positioning. As you become stronger in your abilities, be prepared for stronger opponents to challenge you further.

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3. Creative Paid Puzzle App PuzzleBlek

Price of the App- $2.99

blek top trending Android apps

If you’re bored of the same old puzzles and have conquered all the other mind-stumping challenges, then meet Blek. To succeed you must create a gesture that repeats itself horizontally across the screen that touches all the colored circles. Avoid the black dots or you have to try again.

The game requires creativity and imagination. There aren’t any special gestures to master, and levels have a multitude of solutions. Difficulty ranges from simple to complex.

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4. Yet Another Trending Picture App for Android lovers


Price of the App – free

clarisketchclarisketchEver had to show someone how to print an email? Or, explain the physics behind fluid dynamics? Sometimes it’s just easier to use a picture to draw on to explain something. Simply take a picture, draw and comment on the picture, and share it. The app records your voice comments as you Clarisketch your ideas or explanations.

Clarisketch  can be used for work and for fun. The app takes away ineffective emails, calls, or time-consuming screen shares. Use it to draw funny animations on your friends. The Clarisketch you create is completely shareable across virtually any device. Anyone can view your Clarisketch even if they don’t have the app! Share via text, email, Facebook, Google+, and a multitude of other communication mediums.

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