Fast Growing and Trending Android Apps for the 1st Week of August

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The Android platform has always been known for freedom and options. That simple fact is why a lot of mobile users prefer trending Android apps. But this blessing can also be a curse, as limitless choices can be just as frustrating not having enough options. So with all the mobile apps available at the Google Play store, how do you choose? We here at Android Phone Guides want to help. Here are 4 of the hottest trending android apps this week.

Trending Android Apps for CallerId and Phone Search – True Caller

Android trending apps

True caller is the largest certified and secured mobile phone network in the world. With over 65 million users, is improves your mobile experience by connecting you to only the people you want to connect with. The It reaches beyond your contact list to find the connections you want, touts an improved, easy and accurate caller ID, and acts as your bullet-proof vest against the dreaded telemarketer.

The android app has many new and improved features, chief among them being the reliable and powerful caller ID, capable of finding mobile, landline, and pre-paid phone numbers. Other new features include a link to Android Wear for a fully mobile multimedia experience, twitter linking capabilities for more powerful searches, and organizing the contents and layout of your contact list from social media. There are even more features if you sign up for a premium account.

It received a solid user rating of 4.3 out of 5 and is available free for download. You can learn more at the Google Play store.

Netflix -Trending Android Apps alternative to YouTube but for TV lovers

trending android apps august 1st week

In case you’ve been living under a rock for several years, you need to blink often and wait for your eyes to adjust to the bright light of the outside world. Good? Everything in focus? Great! So like we were saying, Netflix is a world leader in streaming video at home and on the go. From T.V to movies, documentaries to cartoons, the choices are nearly endless, and all available to you with a small monthly membership. It’s now available for Android download at the Google Play store.

The new Android app sports a beautiful and easy to use interface, watch thousands of movies and television shows anywhere, anytime. You can use the search function to find that perfect title. Don’t have it? Netflix will suggest something close, just for you. When you rate the titles you watch, Netflix will customize its suggestions, tailored for you. The app’s best feature is the syncing of your devices; start a movie a home, watch it on the commute, finish it at home. You’re never far from a world of entertainment.
It received a good user rating of 4.3 and is free to download. Though additional membership fees are required. You can learn more at the Google Play store.

Lumosity – Trending Android Apps for brain game lovers

lumosity- trending brain game app

One of the most widely used brain-training websites is now on your phone. Join the 60 million+ users worldwide to improve your cognition and reasoning skills with the various exercises available with Lumosity. Lumosity has received wide praise from prestigious reviewers like the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and The Guardian. The app is now available on Android.

The newest release features bug fixes and Android functionality on phone and tablet.

While only scoring a user rating of 4.1 it is free to download and start pumping some mental iron. Learn more at this trending android app at Google Play store.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Chores (UGTC) -Must Android App for music lovers

Trending Android apps - Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

A Trending Android apps from the very well established website for guitar, bass, and other string instruments. UGTC has millions of users and is one of the best tip, trick, and tablature sources in the world.

Besides the obvious–full Android support–the new Android app has: Access to an 800,000+ tab library that includes guitar, bass and ukulele tabs, an improved search function, visual and audio chord diagrams, full playback while you learn the song, an auto-scroll function that ensures your hands are always on your axe, and offline access to some of the more popular tabs.

UGTC scored an impressive 4.6 user rating and at $2.99 costs a mere pittance. You can purchase or learn more about UGTC at Google Play.

We appreciate your thoughts about trending android apps. If you have any apps in my mind or have your apps. please submit the apps here.


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